1.Barett wheeler (Author)

Hi am Barrett wheeler , a content creator and a former youtube blogger. I am  passionate about helping people understand about digital platforms like YouTube Go  through my work . YouTube classes i designed “how to grow on YouTube” have helped many users and customers and grow in their careers. In his spare time I love to swim and jog. You can also find me on twitter and linkdin.

2.Hania myth (Operations)

Hania is an expert at helping everyday people navigate the challenges of everyday life. She has 20+ years of experience in global content creations and strategic planning, as well as a passion for making every day life easier.

3.Michael Robs (Chief Technology Officer)

Michael Robs is CTO of Youtubego where he pioneers the next frontier of augmented intelligence. He serves as Youtubego’s CTO.

Robs joined the company in 2018 following the acquisition of Nutonian, a YouTube learning company he cofounded and led.